YELLOW EVERYONE, this is Unlock Project; we are pleased to bring you this week’s SD Sangoku Soketsuden Sun Shang Xiang Strike Rouge Gundam custom process, ver. Lu Bu Femme Custom. CHECK OUT OUR PROCESS BELOW.



  • Big Idea
  • Scribing & Sanding
  • Paint
  • Kitbash
  • Conclusion

(Disclaimer: we have left Amazon affiliate links below as well, so if you like, you could shop from it at no extra cost, and we may get a bit of financial help to keep doing what we do!)


The idea is to customize the SD Sun Shang Xiang Strike Rouge from the Sangoku Soketsuden series. Our first Kitbash kit! The kit itself looks empty, and we see no resemblance to a Strike Rouge Gundam.

To see the Sun Shang Xiang building process and experience, you can click on this link to view our YouTube video.

We will be going through the entire process from sanding to the colour of the SD Sun Shang Xiang for this custom colour! Get your SD Sun Shang Xiang kit here!



Materials / Tools used:

  • Dspiae Sanding Sponge Set #180~#800
  • Dspiae Clamp Holding Handle
  • Dspiae Panel Line Push Broach Chisel 0.1mm

For this kit, we deepen the existing panel line. When doing airbrushing, the paint might cover the panel line. By doing so, the panel line can still be seen after airbrushing. To scribe with ease, rest the chisel on the line and just light scribe over it. NO FORCE is needed. Let the chisel do the job. If you use force, the chisel might go out of the line. After scribing, always sand over the line to remove any unevenness and smooth out the surface.  

You can see we learn how to scribe from one of our sensei here!



Materials / Tools used

  • Gpaint White
  • Gpaint Blue
  • Gpaint Witch Purple (Limited Halloween Series 2020)
  • Hobby Mio Knight Gold
  • Hobby Mio Mecha Black
  • Hobby Mio Detailed Metal
  • Hobby Mio Cobalt Blue

The colour scheme was not planned as a whole kit. We decide on the colour by looking at the individual part and fixed it up. To our surprise, it came out well! Read till the end to see the final product. 

Custom Royal Purple mix

Ratio: 1 part Gpaint Witch Purple (Limited Halloween Series 2020), 2 part Hobby Mio Detailed Metal and ½ part Gpaint White.

Custom Cobalt Blue Mix

Ratio: 2 part Gpaint blue, 2 part Hobby Mio Detailed Metal and 1 part Gpaint White.

Get your GPaints here (click the embed link)! Use coupon code: UNLOCKPROJECT for a 5% discount! You will never regret it one of the best paint out there!



Materials / Tools used

Since Sun Shang Xiang is a female and the kit hair is very short, we decided to take Valkylander hair and give it to her. The weapon that comes with the kit we decided to put at the back makes it look like the strike rouge backpack. As for the weapon of choice, we use SD Diao Chan short sword as it looks like the ‘Armor Schneider’ Combat Knife from the Strike Gundam. 

To insert the hair into the head, we use GodHand power pin-vise and the drill bit set to drill a hole at the head of the head to insert the hair into it. 



Female lu bu? The final looks of this kit look like LU BU from San Guo. What do you guys think? We learn new techniques like scribbing and kitbash. Practise makes perfect! 

So do check out our video here, and THANKS, GUYS!

Otherwise, check out our links below:





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