How I create paint chipping effect with liquid mask on my custom MG RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 “Vault-Tec” Hazel Custom


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Hi there creatives! Kelga Creations of GSquad here! In this blog post, I will share more in detail, how I created the paint chipping effect on the armour pieces from my custom MG RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 “Vault-Tec” Hazel Custom. I would highly recommend and appreciate for you to watch the video first~ I’ll wait for you! :D

Table of contents

    1. Paint chipping application techniques in model kits, additive vs subtractive methods.
    2. How to go about it?
    3. Result

      Paint chipping application techniques in model kits, additive vs subtractive methods

      There are so many ways to achieve a certain outcome, same goes with paint chipping. The most common method is the additive approach of painting chips or scratches on top of the painted surface to simulate paint chipping, either by sponge, brush, dry brushing, etc the colour of the raw, rusted or primer surfaces depending on how deep or old the chippings or scratches are.

      The method I want to cover in this article is the subtractive approach. Which the chipping is prepped before the base paint.

      How to go about it?

      After I have primed and sprayed the black basing, I spray rust coloured paint on the areas where I plan on having paint chipping. The rust colour is optional, depending on if you plan to have rust, it could be silver or metallic if you want, depending on the type of build/concept. Remember, rust can’t develop in space from lack of oxygen!

      Anyway, the next thing to do is to paint on the liquid mask, I use the product from Vallejo, it is a resin that when it’s dry, it can be easily peeled or rubbed off. 

      I apply with brush and also mostly, with small torn pieces of kitchen sponge, dab off some of the liquid mask on a paper towel so it’s not so loaded and dab on areas where I imagine would have the most chipping, around battle damaged areas, shield, edges of armour pieces, etc. 

      Depending on the thickness of the mask, it should dry quickly within an hour or two.

      Next I spray my base colours and when I’m all done and ready for a top coat before the next phase of inking panel lines, decals and weathering. I rub off the liquid mask with cotton buds, then spray the top coat.


      There you have it! Combined with other weathering steps with rust tones. I love the result and will adapt this method for paint chipping going forward. To me it has a more realistic look to it due to the subtractive method as if it’s real chipping and indented by like 0.00001mm! In the past when using painted on chipping methods, up very very close, they look like they have a raised effect, well, at least to me it is noticeable as the creator… haha

      What do you think of this method of paint chipping, something you have done before or want to try?

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      If you have questions on your own builds in terms of techniques or anything, feel free to ask around the growing community that we have on the Studio G subreddit. We have many great builders that can help or give you feedback on your building journey!

      Thank you for your time reading this article, I’m Jeff from Kelga Creations, you can check out my YouTube Channel for more build videos and Instagram & Facebook for behind the scenes work in progress photos. Till we meet again, let’s #KeepOnCreating!

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