Hello! Galio here, In this blog post, I want to show how to customize Reborns Gundam, adding paint and kitbashing. I would highly recommend that you watch the video first.

Read Time: 3 - 5 minutes


I bought this gunpla in early January. At first I thought this gunpla was weird because this was my first build in which the shoes look like high heels. While customizing this kit, I searched through Google and looked for inspiration that would look good on my build. After searching for a while, I saw a certain custom build. I thought the build looked cool, that is why I decided to use that idea and apply it to the build by extending the legs and arms. 


When you want to extend the legs and arms the first thing you will need is a donor. The best way to look for a donor is looking for scrap Gundam. By using scrap Gundam you’ll repurpose the broken parts into new ones. So I found two scrap Gundam that will go perfectly with Reborns Gundam! The first one is HG 1/144 Gusion Rebake’s leg connector and arm, the second is 1/100 Crossbones skirt armor. For this custom to blend, the first thing I did was drill the leg part to fit the leg connector and glued the other parts.


For the color scheme, I liked the color before so I reused some of the colors and changed some, like the shoulder and chest part.

Here’s what I used:

Color #1: For the whole body

GPaint White
GPaint Red + GPaint Yellow
GPaint White + GPaint Yellow

Coating #1: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat

Water Decal: RG 1/144 

Apply water decal with hot water using tweezers

Coating #3: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat

Get your GPaint here (click the embed link)! Use coupon code: Galio for a 5% discount! There aren’t many colors in this build to also help a beginner like me to mix colors. Gpaint is already pre-thinned to help with the airbrush. 


Please do come over to my YouTube Channel to check what I’ve built so far! I am constantly improving my filming and editing techniques. Creating somewhat cinematic content for my viewers to have an enjoyable experience. If you like what I’ve done so far, please consider giving it a like and subscribe.

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