Koleksi_Ss: Content Creator of The Week! [Nov Week #1]


This week I would like to personally introduce to you guys Koleksi_Ss, which is a kickass gunpla customizer all the way from Brunei. 

He is actually one of the first people that I follow personally when I was still learning the ropes of customizing gunpla. He has, never cease to amaze me with his skills as a customizer as well as his painting skills. 

I have interacted and spoken to him multiple times and sometimes, even for hours! We would be talking about the latest gunpla scenes, news, what paint to try out, what tools to use and what not. He is very knowledgeable. 

One of the most impressive and totally hats off moment from him that I remember is when he flew all the way to South Korea just to be one of the first people in the world to get the PG Perfect Strike Kit. To me, that's totally amazing and it just shows you how much love he has for his gunpla!

Alright, that's enough from me, I would leave you here with his work! :) Do give him a follow on Instagram because, he is totally worth your time!

Thanks guys! This is Justin from StudioG, signing off! :D

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